For me to create the best portrait I can for you, I would ideally like a good clear detailed image of the pose you want and then several others showing true fur colour, markings, eye colour etc. 
Photos can be emailed, sent by post as prints or on CD.
Photos taken outside with a digital camera are usually best. Try not to use flash as it bleaches out fur, can cause red eye and flattens the image.
If you know you want a head portrait then try and fill the frame with your pets head and shoulders so as much detail as possible is captured. If you want a full body portrait then again try to fill the frame with your pet and take a photo. If possible try to then take a close-up of your pets face in the same or similar position.
The great thing about digital cameras is we can now take lots of photos and just delete the ones we don't like, so click away with freedom, you will be surprised by the lucky shots you get.
If you want your pet to look towards you, a second person stood behind you with treats is very helpful ! 
If your pet has sadly moved on look through the images you have of your pet and find the ones that make you smile, you will probably start to feel a little overwhelmed as all the memories come flooding back but take your time and eventually you will think thats the one. I know what it is like to wish you'd taken more photos so please feel free to email me what you do have and I will get back to you to say if I can use them or not.

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