Jacobs Sheep Print

£ 22.00 each

Giclee print on A3 archival paper.

Friends of mine breed Jacobs sheep and every year I take the opportunity to paint and draw them, especially when they have new lambs.

The Jacob sheep takes its name from the story told in the Old Testament Book of Genesis of how Jacob became a selective breeder of pied sheep.

Over the last 40 years, the Jacobs sheep has gone from a decorative park sheep to becoming a mainstream British breed. Jacobs sheep are an excellent breed for both large and small flock keepers. Jacobs sheep originate in the Mediterranean region and have been present in England as far back as the 1750's. In the UK there are now around 6500 breeding sheep. Jacobs sheep are attractive, hardy and long-lived, suitable for indoor lambing systems or over-wintering outside.

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